StableDuel F1 Monaco Money Grab Driver Assignment

By: StableDuel Squad Published: 05/21/2021
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Congrats to our top 20 finishers in the contest today. After the random assignment. Here is your driver:

1)handicapthis921-Charles LeClerc-Ferrari #16

2)rubenfaer-Esteban Ocon-Alpine #31

3)Post Time Stables-Pierre Gasly-AlphaTauri #10

4)Pineapple Express-George Russell-Willliams #63

5)PaolaV-Mick Shumacher-Haas #47

6)The Duke-Sergio Perez-Red Bull #11

7)Libations Stables-Yuki Tsunoda-AlphaTauri #22

8)tho2373-Daniel Ricciardo-McLaren #3

9)rypic13-Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes #44

10)burns_k-Sebastian Vettel-Aston Martin #5

11)G0lfer-Nikita Mazepin-Haas #9

12)harpadiem-Max Verstappen-Red Bull #33

13)jschaeff23-Lando Norris-McLaren #4

14)azcardsfan821-Kimi Raikkonen-Alfa Romeo #7

15)Doge on a rocket stables-Carlos Sainz-Ferrari #55

16)huddy21-Nicholas Latifi-Williams #6

17) The Vinery-Fernando Alonso-Alpine #14

18) IBoilers-Antonio Giovinazzi-Alfa Romeo #99

19)rypic13-Lance Stroll-Aston Martin #18

20)rypic13-Valtteri Bottas-Mercedes #77

Good luck to everyone. Don’t forget, the payouts are $100 for 1st, $50 for 2nd and $25 for 3rd. The race can be seen Sunday Morning at 9AM on ESPN2. Let’s go racing!!


  1. Handicapthis921 says:

    LeClerc is out! Good luck everyone. This was quicker than watching a contest race for me!

  2. BHo says:

    Booom Verstappen wins, Sainz 2nd and Norris 3rd. Congrats to the winners.

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