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By: StableDuel Squad Published: 04/05/2024
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StableDuel now offers FREE DRF Data to Users

For those who are newer to the sport, the DRF or Daily Racing Form has been around for over 100 years and has established itself as the peak platform for horse racing data including horses past performances and race selections. StableDuel is excited to showcase some of their great elements to our users within the app and as free downloads for those who want MORE.

In the StableDuel app you can now use Beyer figures to help select the best horse for your stable. Scroll down and see within the horses past races, each race is awarded a Beyer figure. Use those figures to compare to the other horses in the races or to judge the horses progress from race to race. See full definition from the DRF site below:

What are Beyer Speed Figures?

Beyer Speed Figures express the most important factor in handicapping: how fast a horse has run in each of his starts.
The winning figure for a race is based on three factors:  the final time, the distance, and the inherent speed of the track (a calculation known as the track variant.) For losing horses, points are deducted according the lengths behind the winner and the distance of the race.

Beyer Speed Figures are interchangeable from track to track. A 90 at Saratoga is the same quality of performance as a 90 at the Ferndale Fair.
Moreover, a figure of 90 in a six-furlong race is the same quality of performance as a 90 at 1 ¼ miles. (Of course, all horses have distances they prefer, and a sprinter who earns a big figure at six furlongs is unlikely to duplicate it in the Kentucky Derby.)

The calculation of figures is not a mechanical process.  It is done, and has always been done, by human beings—Beyer and Mark Hopkins, and their six associates.  They employ their judgment in analyzing any racing card and determining the track variant.  If their calculations would produce a figure that defies logic (due to a timing error, or a sudden change in the condition of the track, for example) they will assign the race a figure that reflects the true ability of horses in the field. Such situations can often arise in turf races when an extremely slow pace prevents horses from running a final time of which they would normally be capable.

In cases where figures are questionable, races are reviewed after horses in the field run again. Beyer Speed Figures will sometimes be revised after they are originally published. The ultimate objective is to have every number express the quality of a horse’s performance.

In addition to the Beyer Speed Figures, the DRF Closer Look comment can help you summarize that horses performance and also give you some additional information you may not see in the form.

DRF analysts watch the horses races and give you an idea of the chance it may have in the current race you are looking at. Closer Looks are not available for every race but when they are you will have them in the StableDuel app.

You still want more? We got you. For StableDuel players only you can access the EasyForm FOR FREE. The EasyForm is a friendly version of the full DRF Past Performances giving you the necessary information of each horses current racing career and guiding you to the winners of each race. The EasyForm for each StableDuel track can be downloaded direct from the DRF website which can be accessed from these links or within the StableDuel app (menu or by clicking the logo on the horse details screen). You will need to create an account (don’t worry its free and quick) and input the promo code and the EasyForm is yours for the taking. Use the form to select your horses for each contest and for your wagers on the side. Here are some key elements to know once you’ve downloaded EasyForm:

On your phone? Download that to your images so you can access it for guidance as you go through the EasyForm.

StableDuel is happy to offer DRF Data to its players to give them the best tools to find success within the app and at the track. Just in time for the exciting Keeneland Spring Meet, more data in a easy ingestible form will allow  newer players to build their confidence in their selections and widen their portfolio of wagers including the Daily Double, Pick 5s and more.


StableDuel players will need to update their existing apps to the latest version. Visit the iOS Apple Store or Android users will need to Uninstall their old app and REINSTALL the new. Use the link found here. 

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