How to Make Money on StableDuel

By: StableDuel Squad Published: 10/25/2021
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For a lot of us, we get into gambling to have a little fun, throw a few bucks around here and there, nothing too crazy.  But then some start to ask the question, can I actually make some real money doing this?  The answer is YES!

It all comes down to finding an advantage.

That sounds very general, but it is. There are many different ways you can find advantages. Let’s take a look at StableDuel for example and talk about the ways where you can make some money just by paying attention.

Every single day, StableDuel has contests with guaranteed pools.  When you go to enter each contest you can actually see how many stables are currently in that game. Some days there are major overlays, and games have guaranteed pools with a low number of stables entered.

This means you will be playing into games & contests where you can win money, and not even have to have the best lineups. You really want to focus on some of those contests.

Think about it, you’re playing against others, not the house. You just have to be slightly better than the rest. Majority of StableDuel contests pay out the Top 20% of finisher BUT the Double Up Contests- double the entry of the top 40% of finishers, and the in the Triple Up contests, the Top 26% of finishers TRIPLE their entry. How’s that for money makers! 

“I personally like to play a few entries into the contests I play. I’ll build my lineups around a few key horses and mix and match with some of the longer shots & different combinations. By doing this, you allow yourself to include all of your strong opinions, and you can win money for multiple entries.” – Gino Buccola 

StableDuel has free games each and every week. In these free games you are allowed to use up to three stables so you can enter a couple different lineups and try out different strategies or test out the game if you’ve never played before period. These FREE games pay out actual cash, so you can make money just by entering a few lineups and taking advantage. Doesn’t hurt if you finish last, wont cost you anything, get entered in all the freebies. Just to note, the amount of money you can win in paid contests are far more than you can win in the free and you are up against WAY less stables since free contests can have over 500 players at one time.

Everyday check the StableDuel Contest Schedule and enter a few contests because there are built in advantages that you get with StableDuel that you don’t get in other cases. When you’re playing the races, If you bet a pick 4 or pick 5, if you lose one leg of that sequence, your ticket is done, you’ve lost your bet. If you bet a horse to win, and they have an unlucky trip or a bad start & they finish second, you lose.

In StableDuel you get rewarded for your opinion more than any other game. If you like a horse and they run well, you will get points for their placing. If you don’t like a big favorite or short price that everyone is using, when they run poorly, you get rewarded. You cannot win 1 race all day, and still win a contest or cash out because you have a bunch of really good 2nds & 3rds all day. And then if it is one of those great days where all of your selections win and run well, you’ll be up top the leaderboard and be cashing big!

Good luck!

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