Del Mar’s Bing’s Best $500 Bonus

By: StableDuel Squad Published: 11/28/2023
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Del Mar’s exciting Bing Crosby season kicks off this Friday 11/10 with a ’boutique’ meet of a lucky 13 days! We know many of you will enjoy playing every day and with the offering of multiple types of contests, you may play a few contests each day…so, why not chase after a bonus since you’re playing anyways!?

In honor of Del Mar’s talented founder, Bing Crosby, we are offering BING’S BEST BONUS! Here’s the rules and important details to know:

The player with the highest average score at the Del Mar Meet (from November 10 to December 3) wins $500 in StableDuel game credits. Players must play a minimum of 15 paid Del Mar games throughout the Del Mar Meet to qualify for the prize (free games are ineligible). Players may make multiple entries in each game. If a player has multiple entries in a game, only the higher of the two scores will be calculated in their overall average. Multiple entries qualify as participation in only a single game.  Players can play as many Del Mar games as they’d like, as every game will count toward the overall average  (i.e. if a player plays 18 games, 18 stables will be included in the total average). Players can track standings on the Bonus Leaderboard. Standings will be updated and posted each Tuesday on this webpage. StableDuel guarantees to offer at least 15 paid games on the Del Mar meet.

Any questions, please email

Good luck!


Summary of Rules:

  1. $500 bonus paid in game credits for Del Mar Bing’s Best
  2. Winner has the highest average SD score at the end of the season from contests at Del Mar
  3. Season is 11/10-12/3
  4. Players must play at least 15 games
  5. SD guarantees at least 15 games on DM meet (11/10-12/3)
  6. Players get credit for individual contests
  7. If a player has multiple entries in a contest, the higher scoring entry will count toward the bonus average
  8. Free game entries are ineligible
  9.  Bonus leaderboard standings will be updated and posted each Tuesday on this webpage.


Beggsie 336.34
aaron powell 308.74
Degendaily 306.87
Miedo PR 304.18
CJG Stable 303.37
Vajugando 302.68
mmdomabyl 292.99
@RippingHeaters 292.93
BeRight 282.31
Libations Stables 278.20
Patquail 277.45
SaddleUp 271.87
Jimsonweed Meadows 268.34
richardschristiana 267.79
Hawk_Daddy15 265.85
Neon Ghost 265.62
Paynespics4.0 262.68
JavaAlive 251.97
Swamp Donkeys 244.83
Cross the Line 242.45
Pump Racing Stable 219.88

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