Del Margarita Recipe

By: StableDuel Squad Published: 07/21/2023
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Opening Day of Del Mar is here and what’s just as famous as their races? Their DEL MARGARITA! AY AY AYYYYYY!


Here is the recipe and some added suggestions:


2 oz Tequila (Recommendations: Casamigos Blanco)

1 oz Patron Citron (frugal man substitute: Triple Sec)

4 oz Lite Margarita mix (Suggestion: Make a homemade version to your liking -fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice and agave nectar)

Salted rim (or sugar for you sweet tooths)

Garnish with a lime or orange!


Ways to knock it out of the park:

SHAKE IT UP in a shaker – this breaks up some ice and really gets all the flavors inbedded in the liquor rather than separated like stripes in your glass

Keep the tequila in the freezer ahead of time – helps to stop melting of the ice and lets be honest- it just tastes better cold

FRESH FRUIT- you really can’t beat fresh juices from real limes and oranges – easy and cleaner to get the mix but nothing beats the taste of fresh



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