Beat the Pro: Spencer of Redboard Rewind

By: StableDuel Squad Published: 08/07/2020
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Starting Sunday StableDuel will host a series for the closing week at Lone Star Park called the Lone Star Standoff. 4 Days of racing and exciting contests with a low entry level of $5.

We thought we could up the ante a bit and teamed up with In The Money Media’s Spencer Luginbuhl, co-host of Redboard Rewind to play a Beat the Pro series.

So how’s it work?

Well let’s start with the prize: $250 to one lucky winner

Play in the StableDuel Lone Star Contests and try and beat Spencer’s Stable! If you do, you get 1 entry to win the $250!


Stable to Beat: Redboard Rewind ITM 


  1. You must play all four days
  2. Each entry that beats Spencer’s stable will then get 1 entry to win the $250 prize
  3. You can enter as many stables as you’d like on one day,  but only one winner will count for an entry in the Beat The Pro competition
  4. You can get max 4 entries to win the $250

Once the final entries are determined, the winner will be selected and notified by end of day Friday August 14th.


Why do this?

Well why the fudgesicle not! You’re probably already playing in the contests, might as well play for some additional cash. If you aren’t playing—- you definitely should be. Let’s close out Lone Star with a bang (cowboy style).

Don’t forget- Lone Star Park is hooking up the Top 3 of each game with some of their race track swag! T-shirts and other fun stuff coming your way. Lots of ways to win in this early week series.

Hit me up on twitter and let me know you are in!  —->@BriMott

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