4 Ways To Use the DRF EasyForm

By: StableDuel Squad Published: 04/12/2024
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We are only as good as the information we have…and we are handing it out for FREE.

There is no better information than what the Daily Racing Form has provided for 127 years and with the DRF EasyForm you’ve got an EASY way to make informed decisions about which horses you select in your Stable and in your traditional wagers.


Here’s 4 QUICK & EASY things to look at to improve your selections using the EasyForm:


  1. Expert Picks from DRF Handicappers – Check out the Top 3 picks from someone that does this for a living. If you need a value horse, cross these picks with the prices in your stable and decide if that horse fits your strategy. Remember – your horse doesn’t have to WIN to put points on the board. A $3000 horse that gets your 2nd or 3rd is worth the pick.


2. Jockey and Trainer Stats – Whether you know them both by name or they are foreign to you – these stats can give you an idea how they are performing and help you select the horse – 15% or more is a high performer. Make sure you look at the number of starts to put it in perspective.


3. Track Condition – The SD app tells you the surface but the track condition can help you pick a horse that LOVES the mudĀ  (slop). If its a rainy day, good trick is to see who has performed well on a muddy or sloppy track. Some horses like it – some hate it. Worth a look depending on what the day looks like that you’re playing with.


4. Lastly check out the Race Recap if you want to see what happened in a horses last race. These can give you an idea of whether the horse had trouble and that’s why it lost or if the horse had trouble and still won, that gives you a good idea how resilient the horse is and if its ready for the next race.


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